ntvdm.exe in NT 4.0 Server

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Отправитель: Dmit, September 10, 1998, 18:03:52:

В ответ на: ntvdm.exe in NT 4.0 Server (отправитель: Fresh, September 10, 1998, 17:46:58):

: My problem is ntvdm.exe runs taking all of CPU time and then doesn't do anything
: until I force its ending by task manager.
Foreground DOS applications can take all of FREE CPU time (their priority is lower than Win32 applications by default).

: How to understand is *.exe file DOS/Win16/Win32 executable not by running it?
If you have installed QuickView during WinNT setup, try right mouse button on EXE file.

: Thank you
: My ICQ is 18570270

I'm not user of ICQ, sorry.

Do you understand russian? My english is very poor...


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