Encrypted HDD?!

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Отправитель: 313373, September 05, 1998, 20:27:13:

В ответ на: Encrypted HDD?! (отправитель: 313373, September 05, 1998, 20:09:59):

А-а-а, ты же под юниксом...

s0nic has designed a secure Libc crypt() replacement. Version 9.2 includes several features such as infinite
password lengths, network and secret stamps, and slow hashing which make it far superior to any DES/shadow combination, and render you effectively immune to common crypt/compare attacks. Now compiles with libc5.4.>38
( http://www.linuxos.org/crypto/crypt9.2-RELEASE.tar.gz )

GNU Privacy Guard is the Open Source community's answer to RSA's patent restrictions. GNUPG is "a free
replacement for PGP. Because it does not use IDEA or RSA it can be used without any restrictions."
( http://www.d.shuttle.de/isil/crypt/gnupg.html )

И на закуску (при мне правда был в дауне, сука)


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