RealAudio, pnm:// protocol and other shit

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Отправитель: 313373, August 07, 1998, 08:14:12:

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Вот вдогонку небольшая пища для ума - но этот способ не работает на
а самому лень было писать апоэтому выудил из алт.2600 что-то по теме

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From: PurpleOnyx
Newsgroups: alt.2600.hackerz
Date: N? 05 aaaonoa, 1998 6:09
Subject: Real Audio (*.RA) files (Downloading AND SERVER)

>I will answer both questions at the same time.. the file that
>realplayer actually references is whatever.ram. The Whatever.RAM is
>merely a text file with the extension .ram and in this file is
>basically this:
>there is your RAM file, and you would respectively name it
>"Whatever.RAM" and stash it somewhere on your server. Try it out if
>you dont believe me, take the text file, name it TEST.RAM and in it,
>it will play it, and thats how that works.. now.. the second part,
>about downloading RM files from other peoples sites low to me i think, make your own with real-encoder, geez> is you need
>to find the site and the name of the file.. lets say you have found a
>song by Enigma in Real Audio format.. click it, find out the file name
>of the RAM file, even right click it and save the link as whatever and
>open it in notepad. find out where it references to.. depending on
>how the server is set up, it may be handled differently, however the
>process is roughly the same. Once you have found the song name in the
>RAM file, most of the time, ppl will name the actual RM file the same
>as the RAM file. Now, all you need to do is type in your URL for the
>RM file, and let it fly.. you will most likely get a buncha garbage
>letters and shit. just go to the file menu bar and click "save page
>as" whatever, and name it WHATEVER.RM. Other times, it will auto
>download the actual file itself so its a tad easier..
> PurpleOnyx
> -=TeamVT=-
> ICQ:16217675
> AIM:PurpleOnyx


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