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Отправитель: LDSH ORC, May 04, 1998, 02:47:33:

В ответ на: USTANOVKA LINUX (отправитель: VladNo, May 01, 1998, 16:14:40):

Ok man, everything is simple and primitive. The most easy to install and the most user-friendly
version of LiNUX (rulezZz) is Red Hat Linux. ( And BTW, this is has better tool set
than other LiNUX releases. It has some bugs, but if ya installing LiNUX for the first time RH is the
bets (IMHO).
There is one more LiNUX from Slackware - it's harder to install for newbie, but it's good, it has
some extra functionality, but I don't think you'll need it. Ok. There are tons of different realeses of
LiNUX, you can find links to most of'em on, by choosing LinuX link.
So, if ya installing Linux for a first time - install RedHat 5.0 (Hurricane) (it has some library
bugs, but forget about it). Or RedHat 4.2 (Biltmore). If ya looking for a better LiNUX, than you have
then think yourslef, "... after all they are all alike..." (Mentor's words)


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